Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Update Series: What's Next?

Hello Friends! 
In this last segment of the Update Series, the members of Mountain Empire share what's to come in the new year:

As the new year approaches, we find Eliza tucked away in her new Portlandia abode, Barbara sussing out the difference between big-city living and little-city living in Blacksburg, Rachel & mended hubby exploring their new house in B-burg, and Katie dance-puttering around our nation's capitol.  In their own little enclaves, the members of MEPC are busy writing a new little project based on what we'd like to see on stage. 

Scribbling away (or click-clacking on the keyboard), each collaborator is writing a solo for another dancer filled with outsourced written material.  Perhaps a bit of prose from an Akram Kahn review, a description of a scene from preview of a far-off and unheard-of company, each solo will be constructed out of strange and beautiful bits of material from elsewhere.  What a way to get out of one's own head... or waaaay into it.  MEPC will then reconvene, decide which lucky dancers will get the new solos, and then... stay tuned in for manifestation!  Little bits of this piece will pop up intermittently in each of our communities as we work out the kinks.  Check back with us often or like our FB page for updates on when these will be so you can be a part of the feedback.  

Monday, December 1, 2014

Update Series: Rachel Rugh

Happy Start of December, friends!
Since Fall is turning into Winter, for the next few days, each of us will be writing to give you an update on what we have been up to since our summer adventures! Next up is Rachel Rugh!

What has Rachel been up to? Take it away, Rachel:

After an eventful summer and fall, things have finally been settling into a groove down here in the New River Valley.  July was especially action-packed: Barbara and I co-taught several successful dance workshops for kids here in Blacksburg; I got to enjoy upwards of three weeks reunited with Mountain Empire buddies in DC for the Capital Fringe Festival; my husband and I BOUGHT A HOUSE; my husband then promptly broke his leg, which made moving into said house a bit more challenging.  Oh, and I got a new job!  Since August, I've been working as a part-time programming and event coordinator at Virginia Tech's Cranwell International Center.  It's a fun position that allows me to blend my people skills and event production experience, and so far I've been able to sneakily incorporate dance into several events: I called my first square dance at our fall festival, am planning a swing dance for our spring social, and performed a version of Barbara's current MEPC project (Are You Not Your Own) in an international dance concert last month.

Plans for 2015 include: Teaming up with Barbara to teach introductory contact improvisation workshops; co-producing a music/dance collaborative improvisation concert series; kicking my children's creative dance teaching practice into high gear; and starting up a regular open mic in Blacksburg so I can have an excuse to play my banjo more.  

Photo credit: JH Kertis